Social Media

Getting Started on Social Media

Social Media is an umbrella term that describes websites and online tools that people use to connect and share content, experiences, opinions and media. It enables conversations and interactions with people online. Examples are Facebook, Twitter, blogs and LinkedIn

Social Media can help you get and stay connected, share experiences and help grow your business.

Each Social Media platform has a specific function choose what is right for your business.

The four big types of social media are: FACEBOOK® - Social Networking
FACEBOOK®: is an easy to use personal social media site. Great way to stay connected with those downline from you. Visit and start an account. Don’t forget to set your privacy guidelines and become a fan of Amway South Africa at

TWITTER® - Business Updates and content sharing
TWITTER®: enables you to send and read messages known as tweets. Twitter can be a great support for your business as you can refer people quickly to what is happening in your team, updates, launches and events. Visit to create an account or send us a tweet at

YOUTUBE® - Video Sharing and education
YOUTUBE®: is a video sharing website where you can view and share personal videos. Visit and subscibe to Amway South Africa’s channel.

Blogs - Building an online community
BLOGS: enables you to write a message and to share your experiences. A typical blog can be great for your business as it can combine text, images and links to other sites to promote a subject.

Social Media Resources
The Facebook Guide Book
The Twitter Guide Book
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How Can Social Media Help My Business?

Get and stay connected…
The building of the Amway business is supported by building successful relationships with downline and customers, and prospective customers.

Social media can help build even stronger relationships with your team, customers. You can stay connected from anywhere in the world. On a platform like Twitter, you can meet people who share the same interests as you. Social media is an addition, not a replacement, to other forms of contact, e.g face-to-face meetings.

Share experiences…
Social media can let you share experiences with your friends and the wider world.

On FACEBOOK®, why not post pictures of your recent Achievers visit? Or a fantastic experience you enjoyed with Amway. On a blog, you could talk about talk about great Amway products.

Help grow your business…
Social media can help you support an international business by: Using features like FACEBOOK® Notes and Discussions to invite those downlines to live chats with you.

Social Media Guidelines For ABOs

Amway recognises that more and more ABOs are using social media – FACEBOOK®, MXIT®, TWITTER®, YOUTUBE®, and more – to connect with others. In order to help ABOs get the most out of their social media efforts, while adhering to the Rules of Conduct, Amway has developed this Social Media Policy.

This policy does not change the current Rules of Conduct, but is intended to help ABOs to apply it to social media interactions. It is consistent with the existing rules that apply to one-on-one business practices.

View Amway’s Social Media Policy