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Login challenges
If you are experiencing challenges with logging onto www.amway.co.za; ensure that you have the correct ABO Number and password. Remember that Amway passwords are case sensitive, so check that the 'Caps Lock' is not on; or try your password in different case variations.

Forgotten password
If you have forgotten your password, click the ‘Forgotten Your Password?’ link on the login page.This will allow you to get a new password. The link is located directly underneath the Login box on the right hand side of the login panel.

Simply enter your ABO munber and submit. An email will be sent to your stored email address advising to click on the link on the email to change your password. Your password must be a minimum of 7 characters and alphanumeric.

Change password
Click on My Business’ located at the top of the page and select ‘Personal Details’ from the dropdown menu. This link takes you to the Personal Details page where all personal details can be changed. Scroll down to ‘Password’ and click on Update on the right hand side of the page.

You are required to enter your current password followed by the new password twice. Once you change the password and click ‘Submit’ you will receive a confirmation screen. This advises that the change was successful.

If you are still experiencing problems, please call our Amway Online Help Desk on 0800 203 772 or email us on infocentre.zaf@amway.com.

Registration Options

Grow your business!
Registering as an Amway Business Owner (ABO) allows you to purchase Amway products at wholesale prices. Access to our proven business plan means that you can create your business to provide part-time work and extra cash, or fully replace and exceed your current income.

A myriad of opportunities is available to all ABOs, with a wealth of information on the web; such as our monthly e-newsletter and promotions, as well as a wide range of literature which includes business and product information. As an ABO you have full access to the download centre on our website.

To register as an ABO contact the existing ABO who introduced you to our business opportunity and/or products. If you do not have contact with an existing ABO you can call our Amway Online Help Desk on 0800 203 772 or email us on infocentre.zaf@amway.com. Our operators will forward your contact information to one of our ABO's in or around your area. You can also ask the operator for information on becoming on ABO.

Visit the Start A Business section on the Amway website to learn about our world-famous products and about our successful Sales and Marketing Plan.

Personal Details

To update your personal details please login and select the Personal Details option on the My Business or My Account dropdown menu; or send your updated information to infocentre.zaf@amway.com or fax it on to the Business Centre (086 529 1245 fax to e-mail); you are also welcome to call us on the Amway Online Help Desk on 0800 203 772.

Shopping Online

Locate Products
Browsing Online

Browse online using the menu bars available such as Health, Beauty, Bath & Body and More Products. Each menu has subsequent menus which will assist with locating specific brands or products. View product information by selecting the item name or product image; this will provide you with the features and benefits along with the Price, PV and BV. Simply add the item to your cart by selecting the ‘Add to Cart’ button. You will see the number of items in your cart increase, located at the top right hand corner of your Amway Website.

Search Function
You can enter a key word or item number if known into the search box and click on ‘Search’ the search engine will display products that best match your query.

Creating an Order by Your Shopping Cart
Creating an order is simple, click on the ‘Buy Now’ link available via Quicklinks on your dashboard page or click on the shopping cart icon located on the top right of your Amway website to start shopping. If you know your item numbers simply enter these into the Item field. You will be helped by our new predictive text which provides the item number and name for your selection.

Your cart will automatically check the availability of your items once you choose to proceed with the order, any items that fail the availability check will be clearly indicated with the options to remove or backorder the item where applicable.
If the item is in stock and available for purchase, a green check-mark will appear. If the item is not available or out of stock, item will be highlighted red.

Check Out
When you have confirmed the items on your order, click on the ‘Next’ button to continue onto Step 2.

Delivery and Payment
You need to select a delivery method (delivery, pick-up or combined order) and select your payment method.

Checking Out
Click on ‘Checkout’ to complete your order.

A message will display advising the order is being processed, once the order has been confirmed you will be notified with a message that will appear at the bottom of the page. Your Shopping History will be also updated. To navigate to the Shopping History for more information, click on ‘My Business’ and select ‘Shopping History’.

Payment Options

Methods of Payment

M65 Cash Deposit
(Applicable to South Africa and Namibia only)
South African and Namibian ABOs can place orders using the M65 Bank Deposit Slip as a method of payment. Once the payment has been deposited, kindly fax a copy of the M65 Bank Deposit Slip to the Contact Centre on:
+27 21 405 1716/18 or
+27 21 405 1728.

Please note: Orders with the M65 payment method will only be confirmed and verified once the payment reflects on Amway’s system. To ensure that a delivery time expectation is met, please note that M65 payment verification can take up to one working day and up to two working days at month-end.

Credit Cards
This method of payment is applicable to all ABOs.
We accept:
• Visa
• MasterCard
• Diners Club and American Express

South Africa and Namibia
Internet Transfers and Direct Deposits
South African and Namibian ABOs can also do an internet transfer as well as a Direct Deposit into Amway’s Standard Bank account number 0700 25428; please use branch code 051001.

Please note: It is important to use your ABO number and date as a reference. Orders will only be confirmed once the payment reflects on Amway’s system. To ensure that a delivery time expectation is met, please keep in mind that the payment verification can take up to one working day and up to two working days at month-end.

Botswana Direct Deposits
In Botswana, ABOs can do cash deposits via Stanbic Fairground: in this instance Stanbic converts Pula into Rands. The ABO must then fax proof of payment (a bank deposit slip with their ABO number and date as a reference) to the Contact Centre on +27 21 405 1716/18 or +27 21 4051728.

Please note: Orders paid using this method of payment will only be confirmed and verified once the payment reflects on Amway’s system. To ensure that a delivery time expectation is met, please note that payment verification can take up to one working day and up to two working days at month-end.

Pricing Code

The ABO/Member pricing code is made up of PV, BV, ABO/Member price and export price for each product and is printed below the relevant item number.

The diagram below shows how to read the ABO/Member pricing code. A Suggested Retail Price is also indicated for each product.

Please note: The Suggested Retail price for each product is only a recommendation and ABOs are entitled to determine independently, the price at which they sell products to clients.

Guaranties and Warranties

Amway 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind the quality of Amway products and guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied, please return your products to us together with a completed Return Merchandise Authorisation Form (112SA) and a copy of the Amway Tax Invoice within six months and we will gladly replace it without charge.

Alternatively we will extend a credit to you towards the purchase of an alternative Amway product or refund you with the full purchase price. This guarantee excludes VAT, delivery and Transhipment (home delivery) Fees for Namibia and Botswana and also excludes delivery fees charged for South Africa.

If a product being returned to us has caused an adverse reaction the ABO must complete the ‘Amway Cares’ Form, which is then sent to our technical regulatory services for quality control purposes.

The Amway Satisfaction Guarantee does not apply to:
• products that have been used for purposes other than their intended use in normal domestic situations;
• products that have been intentionally damaged or misused;
• Amway products which provide a specified time period for return; and/or products covered by express written warranties.

Remember these points about the Amway Guarantee:
• The above guarantee is applicable in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana and is provided in addition to your statutory rights, which remain unaffected.
• Please make sure that you are aware which products are not covered by the Amway Satisfaction Guarantee. These are covered by separate guarantees which are explained in the information contained in the product package. Please contact Amway South Africa for further details.
• The Amway Satisfaction Guarantee does not apply to any designated products which can reasonably be expected to have a shelf life of less than 6 months.