ARTISTRY™ Quick Facts

No matter your age, complexion, skin type or condition, the truth is that you deserve the very best.

Which is why ARTISTRY™ is for you.

ARTISTRY™ combines more than 45 years of experience and millions of dollars invested in scientific research and development to create superior beauty and advanced skin care products.

Independent research organisation, Euromonitor International, ranks ARTISTRY™ among the world’s top five, largest-selling, premium skin care brands, and among the world’s top ten, largest-selling, premium cosmetic brands.*

The ARTISTRY™ Skin care ranges help women to address the needs of their skin depending on their age, complexion and lifestyle:

LUXURY – The power to transform skin at your fingertips! Products include Crème LX, Intensive Skin Care Renewing Peel and Intensive Skin Care Anti-Wrinkle Firming Serum. Crème LX is the first cosmetic product to contain Cardiolipin, a rare and unique lipid for restoring healthier looking skin. Skin Care Intensives provide the benefits of professional treatments for softer, radiant from the comfort of your own home, in only minutes.

ANTI-AGEING – The ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND™ collection is a powerful pro-active and comprehensive skin care collection addressing the first signs of ageing to help reprogramme the future of skin, repairing and protecting skin to prolong the look of youth.

DAILY SKIN CARE – The ARTISTRY™ essentials range offers a simple, three-step system that is an ideal foundation to a great, no-fuss skin care routine. Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise followed by extra essentials products to target sensitive, tired, dry or dull skin conditions.

TARGETED SOLUTIONS – Whether your skin needs a short term boost to address a specific issue or longer term support to maintain optimum appearance, there is a targeted solution to suit the specific needs of your skin. Products include Anti-Blemish, two rich masques for deep cleansing and hydration, hand crème to nurture busy, active hands, Alpha Hydroxy Serum to lift, smooth and firm skin and an Eye & Lip Make-up Remover formula to gently lift even the longest lasting formulas without drying your skin.

* Source: Euromonitor International Limited, 2009