G&H Protect+™ products feature an exclusive skin-defending blend plus targeted technologies to help protect against odour, impurities, and wetness while maintaining healthy-looking skin.

The Exclusive Protect+ Blend
Every Protect+ product includes this skin-defending blend of naturally derived and botanical ingredients.

White Tea Extract
White tea contains one of the highest amounts of antioxidants found in teas. The name is derived from the fine silvery-white hairs on the unopened buds of the tea plant.

Natural Minerals
For thousands of years, baths with natural minerals have been believed to help draw out impurities from the skin, enhancing skin tone.

Bilberry Extract
Bilberries—softer, juicier cousins of blueberries—are rich in good-for-you compounds called anthocyanins. They have long been used in traditional medicine for their beneficial properties.

The Protect+ Fragrance
Every Protect+ product is lightly scented with the collection's signature fragrance.

Top Notes: key lime, Sicilian lemon peel, honeydew melon
Middle Notes: fresh blend of ozone, green leaf, lush fruits, lily of the valley
Dry-Down: red cedarwood, sandalwood

Plus: Exclusive Odour-Neutralising Technology
The exclusive Malodor Fragrance Technology in the Concentrated Hand Soap and Bar Soap is proven to help neutralise external odours, especially sulphur- or nitrogen-based food odours on the hands like fish, onion, or garlic. It works by chemically locking onto the malodorous compounds so you can no longer smell them.

Protect+ Concentrated Hand Soap

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Protect+ Bar Soap

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Protect+ Concentrated Hand Soap Refill

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Protect+ Anti-perspirant Roll On

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Protect+ Deodorant Spray

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