When selling beauty products, it is important to invite your clients to view the products and try it for themselves. Support your discussion by looking at the products on www.amway.co.za together with your audience. The free downloadable Beauty Product Information Manual (PIM) is a great tool to assist you with highlighting features and benefits; along with our ‘Leave Behind Brochures’ for Youth Xtend; Intensives and Ideal Radiance.

It is important to help your customer find the appropriate literature to support them in addition to the right products to fit their skin care needs. Make-up application tools can be used for demonstrations, including the ARTISTRY disposable mascara brushes and sponges. Interaction makes it so much more exciting for both you and your audience and it leaves a lasting impression. Use your imagination, have fun and make sure that you don’t forget to give them your contact details!


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Beauty Product Information Manual

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