Amsure Home, Car and Business Insurance

How new ABOs use the value-added service
The service includes a powerful combination of instant telephonic quoting, an Amsure Cash Back bonus, readable policy wording, advanced claims processing technology and strong call centre experience.

As a policyholder you will enjoy the benefit of ongoing earning potential.

What services are offered?
Amsure Car, Home and Business Insurance offers affordable, hassle-free car, home and business insurance, underwritten by Auto & General, one of SA’s most reputable insurers.

This product is available to all Amway members, family and friends. You earn ongoing PV points from every active policy under their ABO number, so it makes great business sense to sell Amsure to your family, friends and downline. 
Amsure Car, Home and Business Insurance is just one of the ways we add value and offer savings to Amway members. It enables you to enjoy all these optional select benefits:


  • Cash-back Plus – at a small additional monthly cost, this is a bonus that gives back a massive 25% of your cash at the end of 4 uninterrupted claim-free years of comprehensive cover.

     To make sure you and your family are prepared for unforeseen disasters, we offer the following additional value-added
      products that you can take out as separate policies or add to your existing policies, to ensure that you have extensive
      cover and complete peace of mind:


    • Personal Accident – cover for accidental death
    • Scratch and dent - have chips, minor dents and light scratches fixed without claiming from your main policy.
    • Touch-Up – for those small scratches nd dents on your vehicle.
    • AutoXtend – shortfall insurance for your vehicle.
    • Tyre & Rim Guard – cover for damage caused to your tyres and rims by various road hazards.


  • Assurance - lifetime warranty on all vehicle repairwork
  • Peace of mind - Premiums are fixed for 12 months - even if you claim.
  • Money back -  Option for a cash-back bonus after four consecutive claim-free years - get your full first year's premiums, or 25% of total premiums paid (whichever is lesser)*.
  • New for old - Auto & General Insurance traditionally gave you the option to insure your vehicle for its Retail, Trade or Market  Value. These options would pay you out for the same value car, if your car is written off*. However, by taking out the BetterCar Value option, you will be paid out for a car that is a newer model and has less kilometres on the clock, if your car is written off*.
  • Call centre hours - Monday-Friday 08:00-17:00 and Sunday 08:00-13:00

* If your car is written off, BetterCar Value Insurance will replace your vehicle with the same model, which is one year newer.

If the vehicle is written off (all claims excluding theft)and the BetterCar option has been selelected as the vehicle's value, the client will be paid out for the equivalent of the same model one year younger than the vehicle which was written off.


The BetterCar replacement value would be based on the retail value of the new car and will  be at least 15% more than the retail value of the insured model, but never exceed it by more than 40%.

Apart from our primary objective of raising and maintaining levels of service excellence within the company itself, we aim to increase the standard of service in the short-term industry as a whole; after all, we are all striving for the same thing – client satisfaction! 


Auto & General

Sales, Customer Care and enquiries

0860 09 10 11

 PV Allocation
Once the sale is made, PV can only be allocated a month in arrears after the initial payment is received.

PV Ratio

  • Car, Home and Business Insurance: R88 (excluding VAT & third-party fees) = 1 PV
  • Lifestyle Members: R59 (excluding VAT & third-party fees) = 1 PV

For first-time resolution, any PV-related queries should be directed to Amway’s Bonus Department:
Tel +27 21 405 1700
Fax +27 86 540 4454 or +27 86 512 8314

Amsure Contact Centre
0860 09 10 11

Only available in South Africa and to South African citizens.