You use and recommend ARTISTRY™ products on a daily basis, but how often do you stop to think about how exciting ARTISTRY really is? Our entire product range is backed by extensive research, the most advanced beauty formulas and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. All of this stems from our dedication to three pillars that define the ARTISTRY mission: discovery, imagination and invention. Our spirit of discovery is evident in the way we search the ends of the Earth to discover nature's most precious ingredients and best-kept secrets. Imagination is what helps us envision the future of beauty, as our global network of scientists exchange ground-breaking ideas and our trend-seekers forecast and influence what's next in beauty. And finally, our invention of tomorrow's technologies today always puts performance first, moving us ahead with the most scientifically advanced beauty solutions.

To put these important messages in terms relevant to your customer's personal search for effective beauty solutions, you can focus on the rare and precious naturally derived ingredients used in ARTISTRY products. Understanding how special these ingredients are, and how innovative, can help your customers understand the high standards ARTISTRY sets in beauty.

Allow us to remind you briefly of some of the amazing ingredients at work in ARTISTRY skin care products:

Ingredient Benefit Found in
CellEffect Technology
multi-phase blend of ingredients to replenish, energise, repair and protect skin
L-Carnosine and Spinach Leaf Extract
both ingredients work together to return aged skin cells to a younger, more active state
5-STAR Technology
these naturally driven and technologically advanced ingredients achieve skin renewal and long-term anti-ageing benefits
MultiFlora Blend
soothes, hydrates and protects from irritation
Pearl Protein
reduces irritation and appearance of dark spots and discolouration
Micro-X6 Peptide
boosts collagen activity to reverse the effects of ageing
African Baobab fruit extract
moisturising and antioxidant-rich to preserve and protect skin

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