If you are reading this, you probably already have some knowledge and – what is more important – a wish to lead make-up and skin care demonstrations for your customers. In order to make it successful for you and them, let’s recall some simple but efficient preparation and leading rules from an Amway Academy trainer.
The first step before getting organised is to decide how you want to invite your customers.

  1. Think of interesting products and topics, which reflect your customers' interests and knowledge level. If you’re unsure, set up a quick survey in advance, clarifying which products they use in their daily skin care regime and which make-up techniques they are familiar with. So, for instance, if your customer knows Nude make-up techniques it could be interesting for her to practice Smokey Eyes. At the same time if your customer doesn’t use foundations and doesn’t understand the need for daily skin care, the most applicable topic would be in this case “Your daily skin care with ARTISTRY™”.
  2. The invitation itself could be creative. One example of this is a video invitation. In order to distribute it you can use mobile applications, messengers or other communication channels. Don’t forget to provide important details such as exact date, time and place.
  3. The optimal number of attendees for skin care or make-up demonstration is 3-4 people, so you can pay attention to each person, choose individualised product/shades and answer questions. Also, when a customer tries out a new look, they may like to hear the opinions of others.
Let’s sum up. We have already determined a topic and customers are invited, so it's time to prepare yourself, your location and equipment.

  • The most important part is to only use ARTISTRY Color products for yourself for this visit. In case a potential customer asks what shade lipstick you have, you should be able to proudly tell them the ARTISTRY SIGNATURE Color Lipstick number!
  • Your personal look should reflect the chosen topic. Your make-up should be neutral and highlight beauty of your skin if you stick to the skin care topic. Remember – you are the ambassador of your product in eyes of your customers! If you decide to present Hollywood star looks, then you need to have corresponding style and make-up as well.
  • You should carefully choose and prepare all products which you will use during your demonstration. Pay attention to their packaging. It shouldn’t be damaged and must be clean!
    Besides don’t forget about those additional products you might need, such as:
  1. Cotton pads
  2. Wipes
  3. Applicators for powder and foundation
  4. Mascara brushes
  5. Shades applicators
If you want your make-up demonstration to be successful, give your customer the opportunity to recreate what she learned. One of the most efficient methods is to record a video they can take home. For this purpose you might invite someone to play the role of your assistant or use a mobile phone holder for the same purpose.

Good luck!
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