ARTISTRY™ is committed to pushing the boundaries of beauty. This means staying on top of the latest scientific advancements in skin care – as well as the latest trends in colour cosmetics. Fusing both of these areas of expertise into one task while caring for the skin whenever possible, makes complete sense. This is why so many ARTISTRY colour products offer not only exceptional beauty results, but also feature natural ingredients and innovative skin care technologies.

ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND™ Lifting Smoothing Foundation
As ARTISTRY’s most advanced anti-ageing foundation ever, this product uses the latest skin care technology to help lift, smooth and firm skin over a period of time.

ARTISTRY Balancing Foundation SPF 20
Containing the ARTISTRY exclusive complex Tri-Balance with natural Micro-Sponge technology as part of a specially blended formula, this foundation helps enhance and balance hydration as well as oil.

ARTISTRY EXACT FIT™ Powder Foundation
The wonderful matte finish is achieved using rare Amazonian minerals to control oil. A blend of exotic Tahitian Pearls and Optical Prisms help mimic the look of real skin in this perfectly balanced foundation featuring SPF 20 protection.

ARTISTRY Signature Colour™ Lipstick
Hidden in these lipsticks is an intensely hydrating formula enriched with antioxidant vitamins A, C and E and aloe to hydrate, condition and protect lips and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

ARTISTRY Hydrating Foundation SPF 20
Keep your skin hydrated with exclusive Nourish 3 Complex, which optimises the skin’s moisture level, while the ‘Aura of Protection’ helps defend from free radicals.

ARTISTRY Powder Blush and ARTISTRY Eye Colour
While bringing colour to your cheeks and eyes, our blushes and eye shadows also contain vitamins A and E, known to be wonderfully beneficial to the skin
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