MWEB and AMWAY have partnered to bring you amazing offers.

Internet Access
Welcome to a world where you can go anywhere, do anything, whenever you want, at the touch of a button. Where you feel safe, where you keep in touch, where your children learn. It’s a place that fits your life, where you bank, shop, search and where you play.

Why choose MWEB?

    We were first:
  • To bring Internet to SA homes
  • To bring Uncapped ADSL to SA homes
  • To bring Fon to SA
    We offer:
  • An All-Inclusive option for your ADSL connection
  • Technical assistance 365 days a year
  • Range of connectivity - ADSL, 3G Wireless and Fibre to the home
    We are the best:
  • We were voted best service ISP in 2014 in the "Ask Africa Orange customer service results"
  • MWEB GameZone is the largest host of gaming servers in South Africa
    We prioritise:
  • Gaming traffic, and we have a dedicated team of gamers looking after our gaming customers
    We have Value Added Services:
  • We have a range of value added services. From website hosting to mail boxes to email addresses and more

Help is at hand
Our friendly operators are waiting to help you with any queries you might have.
Call 087 700 5000

MWEB Sales
087 700 5000
8am - 7pm (Mon-Fri)
8am - 1pm (Sat)
10am - 3pm (Public Holidays)

MWEB Account Support
087 700 2121
8am - 5pm (Mon-Fri)

087 700 0777
8am - 10pm (Mon-Sat)
10am - 10pm (Sun)

How to order or liaise with MWEB:
• All orders or quotations submitted to MWEB must be done personally by the prospect, account holders or the referee only. Please quote your ABO number.
• All calls are logged and recorded by MWEB and as such, all communication must be done personally and directly with MWEB.
• It is very important to note that discussions and negotiations can only be conducted directly with the referee. This is in order to avoid misinterpretation and confusion with orders or information supplied.
• Failing to follow this process may cause a drop in service delivery, ultimately leading to lost sales.

What are the benefits of MWEB dealing directly with referees?
• MWEB are able to directly sell, redirect or promote services or alternatives to prospects first hand; resulting in a more satisfied customer.
• Call centres would also be able to assess the prospects' needs more effectively and provide the required level of service satisfaction.
• Call centre staff members are professionally trained to sell and support all products and services offered by MWEB.

Submit qualified leads only
• ABOs are encouraged to submit only qualified leads to MWEB to follow up.
• MWEB is committed to following up on the leads in order to verify personal details, banking details and the like.
• ABOs should at all times only use the official MWEB contact details to submit leads, for order enquiries and information, as communicated via official MWEB communications and literature.

Enquiry process
• Contact MWEB on 087 700 5000 for all technical enquiries or product-related queries.
• For first-time PV resolution related queries, direct queries to Amway Bonus Department on +27 21 405 1700 and select option 3. Please have MWEB Subscriber number and email address ready.
• For PV enquiries only – contact Amway Bonus Department on +27 21 405 1700 and select option 3.
• All enquiries must be made by the account holder only.

PV Process

Sign-up for any ADSL product listed below and earn PV!

PV Ratio: R175 (excluding VAT) = 1 PV or pro rata

Product Type
Subscription Fee p.m.
4MBPS Uncapped ADSL Data
R 199
200GB Capped ADSL + Uncapped Night Time Data
R 199
150GB Capped ADSL + Uncapped Night Time Data
R 145
2MBPS Uncapped Premium ADSL Data
R 199
2MBPS Uncapped ADSL Data
R 79
10MBPS Uncapped ADSL Data
R 359
20MBPS Uncapped ADSL Data
R 499

DO - Data only (MWEB will bill the client for Data only and the client will be paying Telkom for the their ADSL line and Telkom landline)
AI- ADSL All inclusive (MWEB will bill the client for Data and ADSL line connections and the client will be paying Telkom for the landline only)

Please note: Analogue and ADSL 1-3GIG lines with Telkom rental are not part of the Amway Offer.




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