Imagine if grace had a scent...

Artistry Flora Chic™, the first prestige fragrance from ARTISTRY™, is a feminine floral featuring French Clementine, Bulgarian Rose and Ylang Ylang Madagascar. Inspired by grace and elegance, you make it your own as you charm the world and delight in yourself.

  • The inspiration: The story of Artistry Flora Chic™ is one inspired by grace and elegance, charm and delight. It was especially created to heighten each woman’s unique sense of style - her magnifi-chic!
  • The bottle: Its curves echo the beauty of the female form. The light-catching facets symbolise a multi-dimensional life unique to each woman.
  • The colours: Metallic gold was selected for its extravagant representation of luxury, soft pink for its expression of chic - and eternal - femininity.
  • The scent: Artistry Flora Chic™ was developed exclusively for the Artistry brand by the prestigious Fine Fragrance House of Givaudan, located in Paris, France and a global development centre in New York. A global leader in fragrance creation, its perfumers have designed the world’s most sought after scents for over 250 years.